Words & Music by Julie Gibb (SOCAN/BMI)

The Wrong Address

That rusty old fence is still standing
Tall grass conceals the walk to our door
The porch light doesn’t work
Which is the least of my concerns
‘Cause no one visits us anymore
There’s never been a cross word between us
Any talk at all these days would be fine
We just settled into roles
And forgot about our goals
Now we’re silent prisoners serving our time
Where’s my happy ending
Or is this all I’ll become
Where are the friends who called us lucky
To tie the knot so young
The house may be untidy
But it’s my life that’s a mess
But shedding more tears won’t fix all the lost years
Of coming home to the wrong address
This house was once our three bedroom castle
We built each room to make it our own
Though my key unlocks this door
This isn’t what we had in store
And this place has never felt like my home
(instrumental break)
Where’s my happy ending?

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In the Studio:

Julie Gibb - guitar, vocals

Dave Quilico - keyboards

Rob Laidlaw - bass/background vocals

Bob Taillefer - steel guitar

Randy Cook - drums

Engineered by Everett Ravestein
Mastered at Frenette Sound

© 2020 Julie Gibb Music