Words & Music by Julie Gibb (SOCAN/BMI)

Finding My Heart

I packed up my emotional baggage
In pursuit of distant dreams
I hit the road when I thought my heart was stolen
While my mind was on other things
Betrayed by those I chose to confide in
Long before you came around
I constructed a great wall around me
That despite me is tumbling down
I was used to walking alone
In a shield of flesh & bone
Misguided and confused
I thought I turned my heart to stone
I didn’t know how lost I’d become
Till the love that you impart
I can’t find the words to thank you
For finding my heart
Though the signs said you were walking on land mines
You entered at your own risk
And to my surprise you discovered a treasure
Even pirates would have missed
I don’t know how you ever got to me
But there’s nothing I can do
I don’t know how I got so lucky
You’re simply too good to be true
(Instrumental break)
Thank you for the love you found in me

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In the Studio:

Julie Gibb - guitar, vocals

Rob Laidlaw - bass

Wendell Ferguson - guitar

Bob Taillefer - steel guitar

Randy Cook - drums

Engineered by Everett Ravestein
Mastered at Frenette Sound

© 2020 Julie Gibb Music