Well I Do

Words & Music by Julie Gibb (SOCAN/BMI)

It’s not easy being anyone, but least of all not you

No one knows the things you’ve seen or all that you’ve been through

You’d think with all these people, one could just believe in you

Well I do 


And Superman, that old cliché, he’s got nothing on you

You never fail to save the day or quietly come through

For all the times that no one said a simple thanks to you

Well I do 


And I don’t believe I’d blame you if you walked away

If you steered this crazy train right off the tracks

If you gave up on the sorry souls who take it all

And give nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing back


You’re free with all the best advice, but secrets you won’t tell

No one seems to call on you until they need your help

If it helps to know that someone cares to just do right by you

Well I do


And nothing would be nothing if you weren’t here

The sun and moon and stars would never shine

In solemn desperation we’d be floundering

Like fallen angels learning how to fly


The quiet ones, they seldom get the good that they deserve

It’s not like you to voice complaints, but I know it’s gotta hurt

If you wonder if there’s anyone who loves you ‘cause you’re you

Well I do, yeah, yes I do.

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In the Studio:

Julie Gibb - guitar, vocals

Tom Bukovac - guitar, bass

Cliff Goldmacher - keyboards

Glen Caruba - percussion

In The Studio:

Chip Matthews, Cliff Goldmacher, Nathan Schock, Brian Hitt,  Benny Quinn

© 2020 Julie Gibb Music